Time to get RAW & HONEST with your current business situation – here’s a quick assessment to figure out how well you feel you are doing in your business. This will be your starting point - to figure out your goals, and what changes you can implement over the next 13 weeks!

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Do you feel that you manage your time as best you can? Or want to learn to do this better? Do you need help with realistic project planning (ie setting goals that WORK for your life and timelines you can actually achieve)
This refers to PERSONAL ones that represent your own brand (not products from other companies) Please give as much detail as possible! What services did you offer your followers/readers/community?
Did you appear on any Radio Shows or podcasts? Did you hold any valuable free webinars or conference calls? Did you start using Facebook LIVE or Periscope or Google Hangout or Zoom? Did you guest post on anyone’s blog?
What specific (and realistic) goals for your business do you already know you have for the next 3 months? (This might change, but it's good to get down what you expect and want to see happen!)