You are on a mission to build a profitable coaching business.

You also desire to make a positive IMPACT in your community!


To lift the heavy cloud of overwhelm over your business?


To be able to move forward with complete confidence and a crystal-clear plan of action?


No more working in circles…no more doing this on your own!


You are WAY MORE effective in business when you are clear about where you’re going AND have an awesome team of cheerleading sister-coaches around you!

We’re moms, wives, sisters, friends, community volunteers, Bible Study Leaders…you know, too-many-hat-wearers JUST LIKE YOU.




You have so much on your plate. So many who need a piece of you. You have bills to pay. (Piling up, sometimes!) A house and a home that need care and attention.


But you have a heart for this business, too! For the lives you KNOW you impact and can bring change to.


How to “do it all?”


OK, first….can we just tell you something, beautiful coach?


You don’t have to do it all!

(more on THAT on the inside of the Success Circle!)


But if you KNOW you’ve been CALLED TO THIS and you KNOW you want to do BUSINESS along with your LIFE and ALLLLL the stuff you’ve got to do everyday…THAT we can help you with!

Because we’re IN IT. We’re both health coaching WHILE we raise our kiddos, WHILE we volunteer at our kid’s schools and activities, WHILE we grocery shop, WHILE we meal plan, WHILE we minister to our spouses and families and friends…WE’RE IN IT WITH YOU!!!


Over the years, we’ve figured out SO MUCH! What TO do…what NOT to do. What saves us time….saves us money.

We do this through LIVE trainings WEEKLY (some on camera, others through a phone line!) and through a VAULT of trainings and courses!


Time management (REALISTICALLY) and how to MASTER IT for productivity!

Systems – creating, maintaining and utilizing them BEST for YOUR lifestyle and business!

Money – How to make more, manage it better and invest smart in your business growth!

Professional Growth – we talk all kinds of character-building and self-discipline strategies! These trainings are some of the HAUTE faves in this group!

If you have been struggling or stalled in your business in ANY way


STOP trying to do it ALONE!


“This group fits my DNA!  Spirit led first and then the beautiful world of wellness and lifestyle coaching alike at the core of serving people who want to get healthier.  We are a diverse group, offering lots of experience and knowledge in many specialties and modalities. Great peer support.  The foundation AND the cheery on top is the warrior spirit/sista-guurl next door, that is Bess Blanco!  Her experience, honesty, practical solutions and inspirational FB lives are a huuuge blessing you don’t want to miss.  She is completely real and a breath of fresh air…no let me change that…she is like a pot of fresh brewed coffee!”

-Laura Vann

The FRESH Success Coach Circle provides the REAL-LIFE answers, tools and strategies you are searching for in creating a successful health or life-coaching business!


“Being a part of the Fresh Start community has taught me first the power of connecting. I have also learned the Power of Balance and Momentum in business, I am proud to have a leader that encourages first our relationship with God, family and then business.”


-Brenda Kelley

The FRESH Success Coach Circle is for YOU if:


You are a beginner health or life coach (or a seasoned one who needs SUPPORT & a warm Sisterhood to grow!) A coach who needs RELEVANT, easy-to-understand and apply training and support.


You are not yet making regular income from your business-building efforts and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.


You are unsure how to set up your business systems like task and time management, client records, email list-building, social media platforms, and much more.


You need help nailing down your niche and marketing plan to effectively serve those YOU were called to.


You need help executing your business plan – from seeing the vision to setting the goals to acting on them and becoming profitable! {Or anywhere in between those steps!}


You are a faith-based entrepreneur and want warm support and accountability from like-minded coaches.


You want to GROW yourself, as WELL AS your business! You are looking to grow not just your skills and business strategies, but your personal disciplines as well!


Any of these describing YOU, my friend?


Thought you might relate! Keep reading…

Say goodbye to struggling alone in your biz when you join this Success Circle and receive these gifts for your sanity:


Exclusive FB community with 24/7 Access

A private FB community where you get access to our team of caring, expert coaches! You’ll be supported right where you are (whether you are already a coach, or want to become one!) Find warm, eager interaction with other coaches and experts who are growing and stretching together to build successful businesses – making money while making a difference in their own communities!


Printable & Recorded Resource Library

Training recordings, handouts, PDF’s, client forms and more to add to your skill sets, systems and even business binders! Get access to this advanced training library, where you can access and use these resources 24/7!


Weekly, LIVE “Office Hours”

Attend our LIVE weekly chats with the mentors and guest experts on topics such as goal-setting, monetization, client care, leveraging social media, website and blogging basics, time and task management, communication and leadership skills and MORE! From basic trainings to more advanced presentations to fellowship and friendly Q&A’s …we’ve got you covered!


“Being a part of the FS Coaching team has been and continues to be a great support and blessing.  Bess is so good to “be there and available” when I have a question or need help!  This is a major and positive comparison to other groups/businesses that I don’t take lightly.  It’s vital!  The other coaches are really good sounding boards, too!  I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful experience and Coaching Team!  Thank you, Bess!  You are such a blessing and WONDERFUL teacher and example for us all! ♥”

  -Julie Swearingen

The FRESH Success Coach Circle is for you if you want to:

Find and serve more clients in your business, without adding WORK or TIME! We’ll teach you to streamline your funnel AND systems!

Fine-tune your communication skills in speaking to your ideal client – to reach them through your marketing efforts, THEN serve them where they are at!

Organize your business for streamlined success – to save your sanity, time and keep you focused on what’s most important!

Create your own online community – where they not only learn from you, but BUY from you, too!

Monetize your efforts quickly AND manage your business finances wisely!

Learn multiple ways to generate income in your business – but still doing the things you love and find rewarding!

Tighten (or discover!) your unique niche and clarify your personal mission!

What else do you gain when you join us??


Monthly LIVE, Interactive Trainings
Either through webinar or conference calls, and providing training on hot topics that you can USE! Finding, closing and retaining clients, learning how to create and complete sales funnels, managing time and money, and more topics you need to take your business to the next level!


Leadership Opportunities
With the FRESH Start company and brand – this is our growing organization that is now in 16 states! You’ll have opportunities to be a mentor or guest expert on other platforms, as well as a guest writer on the FRESH Start blog, and more!

It only costs $1.56 a day to grow your business and your confidence through this group! Join us and change the way you do business!

If you are already READY TO JOIN US and get the help you need to create YOUR impact in the healthy-living marketplace, then WELCOME!

Are you ready to join us on the inside?

Click below and gain immediate access!

(Cancel your membership at any time – there’s NO risk to try it out!)

As a dynamic and passionate Health Coach, Author & Speaker, Bess assists others in establishing healthy lifestyle changes using small steps to create lasting change. MANY have found real results in healthy weight loss, disease prevention, breaking the hold of addictions and habits, and finding ongoing wholeness in body and spirit!


Her contagious spirit and grace-filled “health evangelism” touches and equips precious people all over the country. She has a special heart to minister to women, who are often the keepers of the home and the family pantry!


Over the years, her “calling” into this field has become one that includes mentoring & training faith-based coaches in business-building through her FRESH Start Coaching Academy and Community!  She takes great joy in encouraging and equipping other coaches to make more impact AND more income through their efforts!

Bess stays busy as a homeschooling mama of 4 (one is a freshman in college already!) married to Juan (best biz partner EVAH!) for over 20 years, and is currently representing the “sandwich generation” as she also cares for her aging parents who live nearby. She volunteers in her local school district, is a proud Aunt, and considers her entire street in her neighborhood to be “family!”

Casey Sollock is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Passionate Smoothie Sipper and Essential Oil Educator as well as a holistic health speaker, author, and seasoned coach. She is the resident health expert for the 90.9 KCBI morning drive-time radio show in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Casey’s most recent book, The Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Holistic Health, can be found on Amazon.

Her mission is to inspire women everywhere to reclaim their health, through natural solutions, so they can live their purpose with passion and energy. She teaches health for life purpose, and her philosophy is to “add in” the good stuff, which crowds out the bad. She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction. (TOTALLY FRESH Start style!) She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness!

Casey’s degree is in psychology, and she’s a former personal trainer. She quit law school to follow her passion for holistic wellness. Graduating from the highly acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

This amazing woman, wife and mama of two beautiful daughters shares the goodness of greens, the beauty of essential oils, and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets. (Watch out…you’re next!)

She generously shares her business (and character) building wisdom with the Coaches on the FRESH Start team as well as the entrepreneurs in this Success Circle. Speaking on communication, self-care, work-life balance and more, she is a true gift to the leadership team.