What is a Health Coach?

What is a health coach, anyway?

Do you get asked that as much as I do?

I don’t mind, and I love to answer when I’m asked! When I realize that health coaches are not “common knowledge” yet and are still somewhat of a hidden treasure, I am impassioned to serve more, and spread the word about the VITAL job we do!

It is an indicator that we are ground-breakers in a culture that has grown up with a mentality of health = doctors and hospitals and medicine.

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A society that equates health with a boring mandatory science class. Or the magazine in the checkout with a model on the cover who is sporting a ridiculously-not-me body in the name of “health.”

Now, those things are necessary (at least the doctors and medicine) and they are beneficial as a TREATMENT to UNHEALTH…but they are not the whole story of health! And they are too-relied-on as the “only” solution these days to unhealthy lifestyles and choices…

...and we, as health coaches, are here to change that!

HEALTH, to us health coaches, is SO. NOT. ALL THAT.

Health, to us, is prevention…making FRESH food choices…walking and moving and being active to create stronger bodies.

Health to a health coach is all about EMPOWERING, and CHEERING ON, and SUPPORTING normal, everyday people to live their BEST POSSIBLE LIVES because they make their BEST POSSIBLE CHOICES!

Health to us is HOLISTIC, WHOLE-LIFE and all-encompassing decisions and habits that create less stress, better sleep, more energized brains and stronger bodies. So if this is the truer meaning of health…then HOW do health coaches help? 

Glad you asked!



Health Coaches are lifestyle change agents.

They are teachers, speakers, movement-makers and work-from-home Moms.

They are Dads, Grandpas and even teenagers!

They are activists, chefs, nurses, doctors and professional shoppers. They are fitness professionals, personal trainers, aerobics teachers.

They are real people leading a movement of PREVENTION & AWARENESS & HOPE.

They get up early to take care of their own needs for a healthy lifestyle, then retire a little late to catch up on the emails, and social media posts and behind-the-scenes cheer-leading they do so much of!

Did you get enough water today? Great job on your meal planning! I knew you could do 30 minutes on the treadmill!

They remember to take their own vitamins only after posting a tip about multi-vitamins for their followers on social media.

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They try to get to bed on time to get at least 7 hours of sleep after just encouraging their client to get a good amount of sleep this week. 

Health Coaches are clocking in for coaching calls and presentation webinars and writing blogs and books on autoimmune disorders and menopause and natural healing and the healing power of foods.

They are on the phone with clients, drained after the calls, but strangely energized to do even more…they are in their communities speaking at schools and churches and to MOPS groups and holding tables at wellness fairs.

They are cooking for crowds and sometimes just cooking for one.

They are on the air waves as radio show guests and hosts and podcasters and even on TV Shows.

Health Coaches are servant-heart leaders…movement-makers, and culture-shakers.

They are mind-changers, energy-givers, and wave-takers.



My friend, I would love to hear your heart on what YOU think being a health coach is! Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite part of your job…what brings you the most satisfaction as a coach?