The BIG SECRET To Quality Client Attraction! {FREE Training}

Heeeyyy health coaches! Do you believe that what we do as Christian Health Coaches is a HOLY CALLING?

I do too! (More on that in the video training below!)

But I also realize it’s a business, and as such, should be a way to make a living or at least a solid income for our families and personal needs.

BIG SECRET Client Attraction.png

There are loads of ideas floating around in the internet biz-advice space now...for how you “should” market, build your business, grow your client base...but I’ve found that it’s in the finishing of the THING we choose to do for building and growing that we find our clients (whatever idea that is!)

We’ve got to get committed to ONE IDEA FIRST as a way to create a working funnel for our biz.

Could be a blog/website or social media campaign or signature program...the idea doesn’t matter as much as the FINISHING and follow-through of it!

Whatever our motivator was initially to start our businesses, we are HERE NOW in this HOLY CALLING as a health coach.

We’re honored to be here, helping peeps with the most practical part of their life journey - their physical, mental, spiritual HEALTH.

Listen, to be totally honest, I have fought God on my calling more than once and even more recently than I want to admit to you! But I can’t get away from it. I AM CALLED to this Holy Work….and if you know that you know that you are too, then this training is for YOU!

We’ve got to find a better way to do this work - we’re burning out!

We’ve got to work smarter, not harder as we build this business - that’s what this training is all about. We wear many hats and fill numerous roles in this business journey - we’re designers, marketers, bloggers, content creators, program developers, and more! And most of us JUST WANT TO COACH!

But we KNOW we have to do all those other things to create a sustainable, successful business, RIGHT? Well….maybe...maybe not?

Watch this training and find out my BIG SECRET to Quality Client Attraction…

You can find my first BIG SECRET shortly after the 13 minute mark - if you need to skip ahead…Then, a few minutes later, there’s another HUGE SECRET TIP…keep watching!

To reveal a bit about this training: I give you my “happy client” and high-referral base business-building secrets inside. Just grab a notebook and pen, and be ready to take some notes!

Aaaannnd in the last few minutes of this training, I give you way too much several more practical hands-on tips to take this BIG SECRET and put it to use in your own business to GROOOOWW! (Grow not only your own income and influence, but also truly grow the results your clients and followers will find in their lives!)

Did this training give you any new pointers as you work to grow your business and income?

I’d LOVE to hear from you if so! Join us in the {Totally Free} Training & Support Community and come talk to me about YOUR BIZ and what your goals for this year of biz-building are in our Health Coaches on a Mission group!