3 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Calling

Coaches who “stick with it” through thick and thin in this adventure of building a business while making a difference are becoming rare. Those who stay committed to their calling, their mission and vision…those powerful servant-hearts and dream-builders are immediately set apart from the rest, because they stand out in a fickle, ever-changing crowd!

After all the tough stuff of the day-to-day, do you still wake up excited to be alive and living in your purpose? How do you stick with it when the going gets rough, the fun in the process fades, and the next bright and shiny idea looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. than fulfilling the daily grind of the original vision?

How do YOU stay committed?

As a busy health coach and founder of this faith-based healthy living movement called FRESH Start, with affiliate coaches and community leaders all over the US (we’re in over 16 states now!) I can relate to the burden of the DAILY GRIND of running a multi-faceted, so-much-work involved operation!


As entrepreneurs, we are operating in multiple roles, playing multiple sides and just trying to stay afloat amidst deadlines, expenses, multiple major decisions (is that daily thing for you, too?) and a thousand little one

Yes, this life of business-owner is a crazy, messy, tough, trying one.

So staying committed - staying “in it” when the business bank account, the “friends” you thought were in it for the long haul, the resources, AND your patience is running a little dry…yes, staying in it to get to the other side, that’s the goal! 

Please just know that you are in the right place at the right time and that the difficulties and challenges you are sure to face are just stepping stones to your next level.

The 3 ways to stay committed to your calling and find success are:

1. Realize that taking a different path than the one you’re currently on may be necessary to get there…

You can stay focused and committed to the VISION and MISSION you are on, even if you have to take a different path! It’s true – when I first started my current business and began building it online several years ago, the path I “thought” I was supposed to take looked COMPLETELY different than the one I’m on now…and that’s ok, because my vision and mission HAVE. NOT. CHANGED.

It is up to YOU exactly HOW you do this, NOT the next guru or expert! Be a thought leader, push yourself to stretch and grow (on PURPOSE!) into your next step. The key is to remain teachable, flexible, and realize that you are growing along with your business!

2. Don’t pull “water” from an empty well…

...as coaches, we are constantly pouring out, giving and serving. If our own reservoir is running dry, what do we then have to pour out to others? We’ll be short in patience, kindness and creativity and we can quickly reach burnout. So make it a point to fill your well!

Practice self-care, surround yourself with a winning team, gather resources and help to keep you running with a full tank. And if you are approaching crash-and-burn, grab onto your lifeline! (For me, that is my faith, my relationship with God – and in those moments, it’s time to “draw into” Him and get a much-needed refill on grace and peace!)

The strength to stay committed will run low when our engines do, so keep that in mind…when you hit a wall (and we all DO!) ask yourself, “Is this momentary burnout, or more?” Self-analysis and a fresh, renewed perspective will help you keep going. Move away from the emotion of the moment and don’t let yourself make any major decisions (ie quitting!) during this time. Get rested, get restored…then revisit!

3. Adopt a “Never Give Up” attitude…

...so much of what we struggle with as business owners is psychological, isn’t it? The thoughts that swirl in our minds, they can take us for a ride sometimes! The best decision I ever made was telling myself, “no matter what happens, I am not allowed to set this mission down!” for such-and-such time period. This “Do or Die” attitude trumped my times of discouragement, loneliness, and insecurity, and didn’t leave room for me to entertain the thoughts about giving up or moving on. Here’s the key – the thoughts came, BUT I COULDN’T GIVE THEM A PLACE TO RESIDE!

We talk about this a lot in FRESH Start – mind renewal – and purposely choosing our thoughts. It’s a powerful concept and one that never ends as far as personal growth goes. We’re always battling the thoughts that come to distract, discourage and even disrespect us (yes, we are often our own biggest trash-talkers!) Yet, we don’t have to LISTEN to them! We can “take them captive” and put them out…and replace them with God thoughts – thoughts of greatness and expectation and abundance!

A great book I recommend is “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyer…I constantly go back to that one! It’s an incredible personal growth read to help us adopt this Never Give Up attitude for our best success!

Let me leave you with a word of encouragement today, my friend…if God called you to this, He will meet you in it, and give you what you need to get through it! Your commitment is just the way you tell Him thanks. 

It’s the solid place that draws others to you, creating trust - that highly-sought-after quality, in a shaky modern-day marketplace. 

Commitment is a beautiful business card of character, and you have it!