Something Bigger Than You

A few years ago, as part of my professional development in this amazing journey to master my love of health coaching, I was honored to be invited to take on a powerful opportunity. I was hired to work at a local call center, where I health-coached their agents a couple days a month. I would see a packed-out schedule of one-on-one client appointments, serving 10-15 clients (it was about 2-3 clients per hour!)

Time after time, they were coming to see me in a panic, gaining weight faster than they could even believe (due to the sedentary long hours and overeating from boredom at the center!) Frustrated by the lack of help from their doctors, besides the typical “take this pill to help,” they would see me for nutrition/healthy lifestyle advice, as the energy drained out of their bodies. Other times, they had just gotten a “bad report” from their doctor in the form of a scary diagnosis, or pre-this or pre-that condition or disease.

It was a neck-deep, heart-felt time early in my coaching career…a “baptism by fire” of sorts as I learned (REALLY learned!) to HEAR my clients’ concerns, find FAST solutions (sometimes we only had 20 minutes together!) and help them achieve quick results in their health so that they would come back in 2 weeks later with a renewed motivation to keep going.

They were beautiful, real people with difficult limitations that I had never considered as a health coach who had previously served those of a different socio-economic background.

Many of them didn’t own their own vehicle, but walked or rode the bus to work.

Some were single moms of multiple children living on a single family income, paycheck to paycheck.

Others were recovering addicts, freely sharing with me from their raw pain and real struggles as they worked to overcome serious withdrawal, constant temptation and ongoing life circumstances that kept them in a vulnerable place for those temptations to win.

They were young, old, middle-aged, male, female, White, Black, Hispanic, American Indian.

They had babies at home (and older babies, too!) and were worried for their future in their health, too…

This was one of the best experiences I had as a health coach.

It was a time of rapid-fire learning, adjustment and constant personal growth. It was a time of great retrospection on my part, as I learned to put down my harmful assumptions and limited beliefs around how others lived their lives. I learned … deeply … about just how much alike we all are. Never mind what our homes look like, or whether or not our cars are fancy…whether we eat “right” or not…what our vices are…how we raise our kiddos…ultimately, we aren’t that different. (No, really!)

That was over 5 years ago - but my life, the FRESH Start outreach, and my business has never been the same.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I'm on fire, and I want you to burn with me.

This experience may have been a few years ago, but I’ve continued on serving since that time with more fervor for the hope and healing that this message can bring to people’s lives! In the years since, my confidence in the NEED for this message has only grown, and I’ve built an outreach with a powerful impact. It stretches across state lines, time zones, cultural barriers and socio-economic limitations!

And I’ve learned something…

Guys, people really are READY for change. They are!

Our communities, the people in our lives…they are ready for another way!

The best way, the natural way, of taking care of our bodies, regaining our lives and health back, and turning back this wave of obesity and disease.

They're ready to hear about that way, to get the strategies, and MAKE CHANGE.


They need guidance for what that “way” is.

The noise out there around our health and the amount of misunderstandings/misconceptions around all of it is THICK these days.

Part of my job as a healthy living leader is clearing up this confusion!

Relieving overwhelm.

Providing a hopeful outlook on what is many times a hopeless situation.

But I need help!

There’s only one of me.

And HUNDREDS (if not thousands!) of families, mamas, daddies, kiddos, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles…all wanting to learn the way(s) to lasting health…

…so I need YOU!

I need leaders with servant hearts like YOU.

Calling all people with a PASSION for healthy living!

If you are already on-fire with me, and are already making a difference in your community, then you’re a step ahead! If you are on-fire for this change, but don't know HOW you can help make a difference, then keep reading - I have a few options for you!

Either way, you can be part of something powerful. Something bigger than you.

Please consider joining me in this journey. Consider partnering with me in spreading hope for our health and futures, and teaching others how to take the small steps necessary to make lasting change in our lives.


Well, for starters, you can join our free community here and on Facebook (Health Coaches on a Mission) to learn more about our mission for change. And receive free and low-cost support and training as you figure out how to lead in this powerful calling.

Or, just contact me through this website (put "I'm on-fire, too!" in the subject line!) and share with me what you are already doing for this mission!

Another way…the get-started-immediately kinda way you can join the FRESH Start movement and put your leadership skills to use in Kingdom life-change is by:

Becoming a FRESH Start Certified Coach (click here!) and joining our On-Fire team of life-changers!

My Coaching Team and I have got some pretty awesome projects in the works, and some REALLY neat ways for you to jump on board. All it will take is your heart and your determination to do what you can!

I can't wait to hear from, wait.

YOUR COMMUNITY can't wait for you to contact me!

In fact...they are counting on it. Their very lives are at stake, and there IS something we can do about it!

Let's do this! Let’s make a huge community difference, change lives and serve well together!

~ Coach Bess