Ready to Dream Big Dreams Again?

I woke up ready to dream big dreams again. I'm not sure how this happens in all the ups and downs of this life, but sometimes I convince myself to stop dreaming. {Has this ever happened to you?}

Today though, the dreams rose up BIG on the inside of me and I just don't want to push them down anymore.

I am ready to dream BIG dreams again!

And I believe in God’s ability to fulfill them!

Ready to Dream Again NO URL.png

Dreams that people really can walk free of chronic pain, eating disorders and the burden that weight battles bring. Dreams that I can be a vessel of Hope to people who need it desperately.


Dreams that I can be surrounded by other big dreamers who work hard and aren't threatened by each other's success and support each other no matter what.

Dreams that my family and I can be financially fit and prospered in a way where we can give without budgeting for it.

Dreams that single moms can make a living building their own business even while they pursue their own passion for Health and Wellness. That married moms and working moms and stay-at-home moms would all experience fulfillment and increase through living out their own mission, as they serve their communities around them.

Dreams that the hope and healing that only Christ can bring to people's lives would be obvious in my own.

I'm not giving up on my dreams…The vision that God put on the inside of me will come to pass because His plans don't come back void!

So today I will work and believe and pray. I will serve and I will radiate the joy that only God brings to my life (and I will probably also drink lots of coffee! LOL)

Here's to YOU Reviving The BIG Dreams that are deep on the inside of you today!  

No matter what you've been through, the seeds of greatness that were planted on the inside of you by your Creator are not to go to waste.

Has something discouraged you?

Are you struggling to keep believing?

Today, rise up and say "no more!" Instead, my spirit will live and not die!

Claim that the dream God gave you is bigger than you because it's for others too.

I believe great things for you! And I believe BIG things for you.

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