Is God your CEO?

Is God your CEO?

Or part-time consultant?

Do you ask Him for His divine guidance in your business, or do you make decisions and then ask Him to bless them?


When God is your CEO,

You TRUST completely in God’s sovereignty in your life and business.

Instead of overthinking.

Instead of stressing about the major issues.

Instead of worrying about situations outside of your control.

Instead of staying up at night with insomnia trying to figure it all out.



When God is your CEO,

You realize that the mistakes you have made are not wasted! 

God can and DOES use it ALL in your testimony and life!

Even the bad decisions.

Even the times of failure in your life.

Even the bad money management.

Even the wrong professional choices.

He uses them ALL for GOOD! He redeems your WHOLE life! Nothing is wasted when God is your CEO.


When God is your CEO,


You can stop resisting the trials life brings, and embrace them instead. Realizing that they are allowed by your CEO in your life as on-the-job training! To get you prepared for the next thing God has in store for you!

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When God is your CEO,

You focus on others FIRST!

Putting the needs of others before your own feelings on things is a tremendous way to show God is your CEO. Put others first and watch your referral base GROOOOOOWWWW!

(Important: This is NOT to say self-care is wrong, we NEED self-care! This is to say that our feelings on situations and in our business communications and dealings come second to the feelings of those we serve!)


When God is your CEO,

You operate in a Spirit of Excellence!

Everything God does is with excellence and we are made in His image, for His purposes - we MUST operate in a Spirit of Excellence in EVERYTHING we do in business!

No half-done jobs.

No shortcuts.

No emotional outbursts or rants.

No gossiping or negative talk.

No cheating or price-gouging.

No copying or stealing content.

No “quickie” jobs done without thoroughness



Full and finished jobs done in excellence.

Treating others with respect, honesty, ethically, and equally.

Measured, wise words spoken in the right times to bring LIFE.

Honest dealing with fair and reasonable pricing.

Genuine and REAL content production and delivery from a place of authenticity.

An approach of being thorough in all things (ie READING through things, not just glancing!)


When God is your CEO,

The BIBLE is your Business Manual!

Did you know that the Scriptures cover everything we need to know about running a godly business in excellence? It truly does!

The Book of Proverbs is a GREAT place to start with business training from the Word of God! Plenty of Scriptures in that book of the Bible are covering everything from communication to decision-making to serving others, to building and keeping reputation!

There are SO MANY other examples all through the Scriptures as well - even in reading the stories of the “greats” of the Bible - just so much wisdom to be gleaned for running a business God’s way!


When God is Your CEO,

you will flourish.

God is our CEO because as believers in business, we want to be in obedience in EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES. But what is the reward of promoting God to CEO in our business? WE WILL FLOURISH!



Knowledge of the HOW of business. (Stress relief!)

Divine connections that can only be arranged by the Omnipresent Father!

Heavenly favor on our earthly efforts.


I don’t know about you, but I WANT GOD AS MY CEO! I cannot do this (and I don’t wanna do this) without Him in charge!

Believing IN YOU!   ~ Coach Bess

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