How to Celebrate National Nutrition Month with your Followers

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March is National Nutrition Month and such a great opportunity to share highly valuable content with your blog readers and followers on social media!

Here’s a quick breakdown on how you could do that - both generating engagement for your message and business, as well as serving your readers with hopefully transformational inspiration to add more FRESH nutrition into their lives!

Working from a monthly-themed content sharing plan or calendar for your audience is always a good idea, but especially this month!

If you haven’t already, sit down and decide on a niched-down topic that meets YOUR specific audience’s need through the message you share. Once you are clear on this month’s “tighter topic,” you can then come up with how to share and engage your audience this month around National Nutrition Month too!

Ways you can break down sharing tips about nutrition into consumable bites for your audience:

  1. Profile the different meals of the day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack - and give your reader actionable ideas on easy ways to get more nutrition into those meals! For example, you could talk about how easy it is to add a handful of greens into a homemade smoothie. Or share a how-to post on 5 easy ways to sneak more veggies into lunch.

  2. Discuss several of the fruits and veggies that are commonly found in most stores. So for instance, you could do an ABC series a is for Avocado, B is for banana, C is for citrus... Include shareable social media memes with the top tips that each fruit or veggie delivers for our body's nutritional needs.

  3. You could do an “eat this, not that” type of article, complete with pictures of the foods not to eat and then the alternate selections on opposite column. You could even create “good - better - best” options as alternatives!

Here are a few more creative ideas for you to use as you celebrate National Nutrition Month with your readers and followers:

Run a Contest

Using Facebook, you could run a contest for your readers - such as “send in your favorite family recipe and we’ll cook and choose a winner from the top 3” OR do a photo contest based on the content plan you are sharing from (ie send us a pic of your meal planning efforts and we’ll choose a winner from the top 3 entries)

Give away a GREAT prize, like a blender or a $50 gift card - something they REALLY want and would participate for as well as share, share, share to earn! You can find out more details about all that’s involved in running a contest on Facebook here ---- >>

Hold a FB Chat Party

This one is SO FUN! Over the years, this idea alone has generated dozens of sales (especially if you run a special during the chat or within a 24 hour window on a small, low-cost product like an ebook or guide!) and powerful participant engagement, like people jumping on the email list, visiting the website, building relationship with me and loyalty with the brand and message!

You can do it easily by setting up a FB event page, advertising it a week or two ahead of time, and then, at the time of the event, hold a LIVE chat (can be on or off camera!) Be sure to also do some fun giveaways to the LIVE participants on the spot! I usually write out my questions on a Drive Doc before the event starts, then can easily copy and paste them as I am also handling the chatting happening on the FB page!

Host a Free Challenge

Over the years, I’ve found this one to be tremendous for business engagement and growth.

The way I run my free challenges is to put up a “sales page” for it on the website, directing sign-ups to my email list builder (Convertkit, in my case) and attaching a few-pages long, instant-gratification digital download to the welcome email (so that they have a goodie immediately as well as instructions/what to expect in the challenge.)

I also like to set up a Facebook event page for the Challenge, directing the invited people to the link to the SAME sales page with email sign-up. Sometimes, even using a short-term FB group as a support & engagement place for the experience. Then, during the week of the free challenge, I do a FB LIVE daily on the public FB Page, and continue directing people to the sales page and email sign up (since the point of this is to capture peeps into your list, send them into your funnel, and build relationship while garnering engagement!)

Create a How-to Video Series

This is a great option if you can’t show up LIVE and want to get the work done ahead of time. Obviously, you’re wanting to garner engagement around your message, so this “evergreen” option is a great alternative to the LIVE videos or chats or events!

Here’s how to do it:
film 3-4 videos on your specific how-to solution for the viewer’s “problem” they are coming to you to solve...then edit, brand and load them to your Youtube (and corresponding blog posts on your site.)

Then setup a specific “funnel” for them - complete with evergreen, pre-scheduled email list where you direct peeps to them through a link (maybe one email per video topic?) Utilize this series to send your subscribers to the next step with you, whether that is a low-cost offer, your next group, or even one-on-one coaching with you.

Include these 4 parts to create successful How-to Videos:

a. Introduction
Keep it short and sweet (and interesting!) so that you can keep our attention long enough to get straight to your “solution” for us, the viewer’s problem!

b. Hook
Grab us with your promise of our results we’ll experience from following your how-to! ie “By the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to meal prep for the week for your entire family without breaking the bank!”

c. Process
This is the bulk of the video - give us the step-by-step from the how-to you’re showing us. Walk us through it - try to keep as short and sweet as possible - if we think just watching you do it is hard, then we probably won’t even try it on our own!

d. Call to Action
Tell us what to do next - do you want us to opt-in to your list (if we found this video first on Youtube?) Do you want us to join your free group, visit your site, go shopping for a specific product or service? Are you just looking for likes, shares and subscribes? TELL US WHAT YOU WANT from this video - and then give us the shortest short-cut possible to DO IT!

Share facts about specific nutrition topics through social media memes and quote graphics

Refer again to your content plan or calendar we talked about earlier in this post - and then, using Picmonkey or Canva or another free or low-cost tool like it, you can take a couple hours, create a few “branded” memes or quote graphics or educational images to share on your social media platforms all month.

If you’d like a quick walk-through on using Picmonkey to do this - I’ve got a free tutorial you can use here --- >>

Create a blog post series on a nutrition topic(s)

In much the same way as the Video Series we discussed, you could write a few blog posts ahead of time (or as you go!) to use as a nutrition-education series for National Nutrition Month.

For example, you could do an “ABC’s of Nutrition” series, A for Antioxidants, B for Building Blocks of Nutrition, C for Calories and why they are GOOD, etc

Remember to place a call-to-action within or at end of posts, whether opt in form for your list, or join our free group, or like our page, etc

What do you think?

These are just a few ideas to draw from as you decide how to celebrate National Nutrition Month with your followers and readers. The goal is to use the attention already on nutrition, due to this National Nutrition awareness month. As well as to serve your audience with high-quality content, while generating engagement, capturing subscribers, and even gaining sales!

What do you think, can you use any of these ideas?

Does this help you get a start this month’s content plan and offerings as you work to expand your business and grow your reach?

I’d love to hear from you in our free community as well as right here on the blog in comments!