Frustrated with Lack of Business Income Or Growth? Look at These 3 Things...

Are you feeling frustrated with lack of business income or growth?

Are you looking for more one-on-one clients or looking to fill groups?

Or just sell more products, digitally or physical?

If you are, and you are frustrated or feeling like you're not generating enough, look at your free offerings.

And I mean more than the email opt-in freebie on your site.

I mean, are you blogging to build your reputability and your knowledge in front of your followers?

Or, are you sharing deeply informative or helpful or engaging social media posts along the topics you plan to coach on?

Are you utilizing live/interactive offerings like video or Facebook live or Instagram TV to build your reputability in front of AND connect with your viewers/followers?

There are more ways to do this now than we can even count!

The key is to figure out which ones YOU need to use to not only show off your giftings and your special message and build the brand of you...but also to avoid burn-out by trying to do too much and being spread too thin!

If you want to generate some more income, you've got to fill up your "free funnel" and give your followers and viewers and readers a way to get to know you and trust you so that they want more from you.

Goal Sticky notes.jpg

Here's my top 3 tips on how to do that:

#1 CHOOSE ONE WRITING PLATFORM (ie blogging) and apply it faithfully.

This might be WordPress, it might be Squarespace, it might be wix. The point is to CHOOSE it, then COMMIT to a faithful publishing schedule. For you, that might be twice a month or once a week, but you need to commit and do the follow through. (I prefer to utilize Squarespace over the other platforms, after 7 years of using Wordpress. If you are interested in why I switched, you can find out in this video explanation HERE!)

#2 Choose ONE SOCIAL MEDIA sharing platform.

Just ONE.

Build that one to a decent following, and commit to scheduling your post on a regular basis, so that you engage and keep and grow your following on that platform! Do this before you add any other platform. THEN you can add the next one, and rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.


Here's where you utilize your opt-in freebie! And setup the interest list on an emailing platform on a vendor like MailChimp (free to start!) or Aweber or Convertkit - both are low-cost to start and may even have a free trial going. (I use Aweber and love it, but to each their own - this is a decision you should make after researching their structures, deciding which one works best for your learning style and stress levels with tech-stuff.)

Now, put together a nurturing sequence that follows up on the freebie you give your readers/followers. Then set up a weekly or twice-a-month emailing schedule to continue to nurture that list and send them tips and other helpful handouts and such that builds their trust in you and their desire to purchase and gain more from you.

Truly, these three things are the building blocks to the success of your business!

Although things have changed greatly over time, especially in the last few years on social media, these three things have not changed in regards to begin crucial to online business-building.

In my eight+ years of building an online business, I have found that when I neglect one or more of these three areas, my business suffers.

My reputability suffers.

And it takes a while to build that back up again.

So I will tell you that when other things need to go to the wayside in your business building, make sure that these three building blocks don't! Or you will find yourself "starting over."

If you are feeling stuck in your income level, or if you are feeling like when you launch something, you don't get too many purchases or too many clients, this may be part of the problem!

Go back and check this part of your business funnel, and see if there's something that you could implement better in these areas!

Do you have a similar story to this? Have you found that this is true?

I would love to hear from you in the comments - what has worked, what hasn't...this business thing is an ongoing learning experience, isn't it?