5 Ways We Hinder Abundance in Our Businesses

Have you ever struggled with a “poverty mentality” or even just having a difficult time believing that there is more than enough money to go around?

That God will supply your every financial need (as the Apostle Paul promises us in Philippians 4:19) and that all the promises of God are to PROSPER us?

I know for me personally, this has been a long road of intentional mind renewal and learning to embrace a whole new definition of what Jesus meant:

“I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

And I can say without a doubt, my own limited perception of money (and my previously-limited knowledge of the very-Biblical principles of abundance and prosperity) has greatly hindered my own success in my business dealings in the past. (Some not-so-recent past!)

Slowly but surely, though, I’m breaking out of this old mindset I’ve brought from a lifetime of “not-enough.”

And I want you to break out of any limitations you may have in your own experience or mindset, too.

It’s time for us to realize that abundance is truly God’s will for our lives, and our businesses are a huge part of that! So on that note…

I want to share with you 5 ways we hinder abundance in our businesses…

5 ways we hinder abundance.png

We hinder our businesses when…

1. We let our fear of the future stop us

Many times, we’re not even afraid of failure in the future - instead, we may fear success itself!

This was true for me, as I came from a background of lack and grew up under a strong teaching of “playing small is godly” and that it was sin to be successful and have wealth.

Imagine my surprise when I began to search the Scriptures for business advice a few years ago, and found example after example of Biblical teaching on integrity in business dealings, building wealth and how to manage it well!

Seriously, there’s a LOT of information in the Bible on this, and I was beyond excited to feel a newfound freedom around this principle as I discovered this new-to-me truth that abundance is not only godly, it is God’s will and command! (see Matthew 25:14–30)

Other times, our fear of the future is a fear of failure.

But if we know that God has truly called us to build this business, to run this organization or to lead this outreach - then we’ve got to believe He’s going to be here with us as we do! That He’s going to guide and direct us, divinely connect us, prosper us, provide for every need, and fight our battles when we face them.

Often, a fear of the future is a fear of the unknown.

Or in my case, a terrifying fear of what I didn’t know! I struggled for years in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey with a terrible sinking feeling that I wasn’t qualified to do this, to serve as a coach. And that those I served would figure that out, causing my certain failure.

Funny enough, I was the one that figured out that they cared more about the fact that I cared about them!

They didn’t ask for my credentials (not once was I ever asked, until about 120 clients in!) They didn’t ask where I went to school (which at that time was nowhere!) They just cared that I cared deeply about what was going on with them. That I was willing to research and study further for their issues and find solutions that were realistic for them. That I was going to be there, and validate them, and listen to them, and make it about them for a minute.

2. We have a tight grip on giving

When we live in true abundance, we have what I like to call “open hands” and are able to give freely and bless those around us without worrying if we are going to have enough left for our needs. Many times, we have a tight grip on giving out of a fear of lack.

If we truly believe this passage found in Deuteronomy 8:18, we’d realize that our abundance is not limited by what we currently see coming in or have in our accounts, but rather in our limitless God!

“But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” ~ Deuteronomy 8:18

Wait, it says it’s in His covenant to give us the ability to create wealth! Wow. So as long as we put down our excuses (like fears and hindrances) and pick up our work ethic and discipline, God’s side of the promise is that He’ll give us the ability to produce wealth. So exciting!

In my own experience, I’ve found a closed hand can neither give nor receive. Literally! Quick, close your hand up tight as you’re reading this - look at it - can anything go into it? Or come out of it? Nope.

Now, open it up and hold your palm up toward the sky. You’ve got a conduit now, a constantly flowing space where wealth can pass through, now only meeting your own needs, but also meeting the needs of those you can now give to!

And as you keep your hands open, and give more - you’ll notice that you earn/make more, too! It’s incredible!

3. We don’t take daily action

We live in a culture of tremendous apathy where many times, we do not want to leave our comfort zones.

Yet, those of us who know we are called to serve in this capacity of life-change-agents must understand that God has already created the way for us to fulfill what we are purposed to do.

Just as action breeds more action, inaction breeds inaction. This will end up delaying your abundance and results for your efforts.

We’ve got to take a step every day in a forward-moving direction - especially in our business building activities. Once we do, the next step appears and is easier to take. Then the next step. Then the next. Soon, we’re further ahead and reaping the rewards of our efforts - in a greater way than we ever thought possible!

One more exciting note: God works in exponential. Yes! So this means He does “God math” with your efforts.

He takes the percentage you give Him and your purpose, He multiplies it in ways you can’t even imagine (like, thousand-fold profits Deuteronomy 1:11) and brings about glorious results that aren’t even in the “plan.” But He needs your percentage in order to do this…ask me how I know! You gotta give Him efforts to bless, and by golly, He will!

“May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!” ~ Deuteronomy 1:11

…and 2 more ways we hinder our businesses is when…

4. We have an attitude of self-sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is a lie, and many times we just don’t realize we’re believing it.

“All things come from God, through God, and return to God…Yes, it is so!” ~ Romans 11:36

We cannot run our businesses well within our own power. (At least not for the long-haul!) Our power is fleeting, human, limited and completely dependent on God’s sovereignty.

Our gifts and talents come from Him, and when we’re operating alone, those only go so far. There is a wonderful flow and sense of peace in knowing that God is the one who provides and we can rely on Him for all that we need.

5. We mismanage our resources and talents

Often times we mismanage- whether it be skills, funds, relationships, or even our time. (And our time is priceless, by the way!) Mismanagement can be not using it, or using it for our own agendas, or hiding it…so many different ways. And yes, there were times I did this in my own story, due to my own reluctance to “own abundance” for myself early on. But God has mercifully taught me a better way of managing my time, the funds that He brings in, and the skills and talents He has bestowed on me. And WOW what a difference in my life now!

The story from the Bible I shared earlier in this post is a powerful example of both good management and mismanagement of the talents (money for investment given to servants by the master, in this case) and what their choices actually brought to their lives. (You can find that story again here: Matthew 25:14-30.)

When we seek clarity and guidance from our CEO in managing what we He’s give us, and avoid squandering or misusing it, we will experience abundance!

These ways I’ve listed that we commonly hinder our own God-given abundance are not a complete list, of course. But hopefully this post has you thinking about the “plan for good” (Jeremiah 29:11) that God has for your life! You, my friend, are meant to be successful in this calling you are pursuing - and are given the authority to impact lives through the abundance God has for you.

I pray you can lay down anything hindering you right now in this area…that you would be released of any fear, past wrong choices, guilt, insecurity or feeling of lack! I pray that you break free of anything that hinders your dreams, your growth and your abundance in Jesus’ Name.

I pray that you rise up and DO IT (Ezra 10:4) and step out into the great calling and even greater reward that God has in store for you!

Below, find a podcast interview I did in 2017 with my friend Andrea Williams, and hear my personal story of overcoming poverty mentality (still in an ongoing learning journey with this one!) and the restoration and favor God has brought to my life.

As always, I welcome you to share your experiences, your heart with me here on the comment section of this blog (below) or if you prefer privacy, shoot me a quick message here. I’d love to support you through personal connection as you walk your priceless journey!

~ Coach Bess