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“I am most excited about my partnership with FRESH Start, and the doors God is opening for me to speak to groups concerning health and wellness, as well as future group coaching opportunities. I am now equipped to make my dreams a reality by pairing my newly acquired knowledge, support, and partnerships with previous knowledge and experience. I have more confidence, trusted resources and time to focus on my clients and business. I’m not having to reinvent the wheel. The forms, how-to, guidelines and unending support are readily accessible to me as a graduate of the Fresh Start Coaching Academy.”


~ Lolita McNeal, Georgia

“FRESH Start, especially the Coaching Academy and most importantly Coach Bess have led me to think outside of the box with my nutrition background and my love of helping others get fit & healthy! They have continued to support me unconditionally even when I doubt myself and my abilities! It is a wonderful, knowledgeable & God-loving community that I am more than proud to be a part of!”

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~ Shannon Watkins, Tennessee

“The Academy has helped me to grow personally and professionally. On a personal note, I believe my connection with God is getting deeper. Going through the materials, I've realized prayer is essential in all things. I knew this before but that was what I was missing in starting out as a coach professionally. I will go on to say that each course has taught me a lot in regards to thinking and believing in myself. The courses have taught me so much and I'll be able to incorporate what I've learned into my business. I was a caterpillar when I started and now I am ready to become a butterfly.”

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~ Erika Hebert, Louisiana

Is God Your CEO?

Is God Your CEO?

Is God your CEO?Or part-time consultant?Do you ask Him for His divine guidance in your business, or do you make decisions and then ask Him to bless them? When God is your CEO,You TRUST completely in God’s sovereignty in your life and business.Instead of...

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